Psychological Self-Portrait

Learning Objectives
Students will use techniques learned in previous assignments for the completion of a psychological self-portrait.  Using a media of their choosing, students will create a technical proficient and conceptually engaging work of art.

Drawing Pencils
3, 18” by 24” sheet of white drawing paper

Research and take notes on Surrealism
Work in Sketchbook

Major Assignment
Students should research the style and ideas behind Surrealist art, including the concepts of dreams developed by Freud.  Students will created 3 separate drawings, each on 18” by 24” paper.  Each of these drawings should be able to hold their own in terms of composition, however they should also be able to be combined to create one larger image.

You are free to choose any media that we have used in class thus far.  You may choose regular white paper or stain it, paint it or any other numerous surface treatments.

Your drawings should illustrate you, using objects to illustrate parts of your personality, beliefs etc.  The objects should tell us something about who you are.  Stay away from shallow interpretations.  “I like video games” does not mean you need to have an Xbox in the corner.  Treat religious convictions the same way.  A cross comes with its own tremendous amount of history and context.  If religion is important to you, what is it about religion that makes it so important?  If you like to read, what is it about reading?  Is it escapism?  I really want you to push yourselves in terms of the objects you choose.  Some of the most beautiful imagery allows for some ambiguity.  You connect with your viewer by allowing them to see themselves in your work.

The objects must be drawn from life and should exist in a setting.  No free floating “things”.

This is your final project.  I expect this to be your best work from the entire semester.

Salvador Dalí
René Magritte
Man Ray
Frida Kahlo
Giorgio de Chirico
Marc Chagall
Joan Miró
Méret Oppenheim