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Ronald Gonzalez Opening

Sumter County Gallery of Art opened Ronald Gonzalez and David Voros last night. Ronald Gonzalez is a sculptor who uses found objects to make miniature figures; almost tiny time capsules of memories. With over 70 works in the show, ranging in size from 3″ to 12″, I was worried that they would become a monotonous squadron of forgotten toys. This was not the case. Each one could easily hold its own and was uniquely different from the one before it. I was impressed with Gonzalez’s work, but not so much with David Voros. I found the paintings to be rushed and “off”. One image of a large nude figure sitting on top of giant turtle was completely out of proportion, her head not fitting her large body. Other works could almost be divided in half; one half looking resolved and aesthetically beautiful, with the other half looking like a “night before” deal. The show is open until December 28th. More information can be found on the gallery’s website, www.sumtergallery.org