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Article in the Chattanooga Times Free Press

Great article in the Chattanooga paper about my latest work. In the article it mentions me watching the videos in the chamber, however the videos were played on VCR’s outside the chamber and their magnetic radiation was beamed into the chamber using satellite dishes. Click the image below to download the pdf.

Picture 1.jpg

Found a great space

I originally planned to install the chamber in my living room, so I would have a close connection between the performance and my life, but our ceiling fan was in the way. I then installed it in my studio, which has 12 foot ceilings, but I could not back up far enough to get a good shot. I called around and was graciously allowed to use the Old Woolen Mill in Cleveland. It looks like this space is going to work perfect. My goal is to start filming this weekend.


Decided on the outside.

I could not figure out what I wanted to cover the outside of my chamber with. It seems really trendy over the past year to polyurethane osb or particle board and call it done. I don’t like trendy. I thought of aluminum foil on the outside, paint, putting textures underneath the foil, all kinds of things. I have started to run out of money for this project and tried looking around in the studio for an abundance of free material. Low and behold a huge stack of styrofoam. After some cutting and routing I found a perfect shape that will make the outside of the chamber look like the inside of a padded room. How fitting.


More Updates

So the idea behind the super powers chamber is the fact that VHS tapes use magnetic tape to record video and audio. Therefore, if I did indeed have super powers as a kid, there must be some residual power left on the magnetic tapes. The chamber I am building will collect and concentrate the magnetic radiation. Hopefully this will allow me to reclaim these powers I have lost or have suppressed. The images below show the chamber in progress. I am now lining the entire inside with a special type of Aluminum Sheet.


The Top

My Super Powers Inducing Chamber Octagonal top. This took quite some
time to get all the right angles but it finally came together. It is
much heavier than I thought it would be which makes me a liitle
nervous since it will be above my head for three days.