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Black clouds in a blue sky.

Content Aware

Lately, I’ve been playing with Adobe Photoshop CS6 new “content aware” tool. You highlight an object in a photo, press delete and a dialog window pops up. A new option called content aware analyzes what’s around your selection and tries to figure out what would be behind the object you’re deleting. it creates some unusual outlines that I thought would be interesting as a painting. They also make me think about memory and events that, although they happened, are no longer part of my memory.


New Work submitted to Memento Moris

My interest over the past few years has been the fallibility and exploitable nature of memory. Depending on the nature of the event, we can make bad memories seem good, good memories seem bad, or completely forget them altogether. This project is a set of 10 images of my “trip” to Disney World. Using Google image search and Flickr, I found other family trips and incorporated my young self into these images, forcing myself to have a new memory. They are intentionally left badly Photoshopped; I thought if the images were completely realistic the idea would not come across. They do have my sense of humor, and at least for me, I can’t stop laughing.