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621 Gallery Opening in 2 weeks

In March, The 621 Gallery presents Spit it Out!, an exhibition revealing the narrative elements of pop-art, deconstruction, and contemporary invention. Alan Skees reacts to current events in a playful, yet critical manner using large-scale two-dimensional graphic art. Ivan Fortushniak exposes the history of paintings by creating distressed surfaces via unconventional methods. Mark Mcleod manipulates truth by incorporating myth and fiction into authentic narrative illustrations.

Glitter Chariot will be performing “All That Heaven Will Allow”, featuring Ryan Berg, Chuck Carbia, Kelly Boehmer, Danielle Shockley, and Lexi Braun. This new performance brings sweet and tragic melodrama together with fantastic characters and sentimental song, completing a fiercely tender yet gruesome and unfortunate story of love. This retelling of the story of Ernie and Bert is thrust into a lovers’ triangle where the love of romance isn’t destroyed; the love of friendship is. Friends in need of each other are faced with the need to continue in the wake of brutal death. Memories of a past imagined (Germany, Kirshner’s Rock Concert, Sesame Street) run rampant, and the tenuousness of their bond is destroyed.

Ryan Steele
in The Nan Boynton Memorial Gallery
Opening First Friday March 6th, 6-9 pm
March 6th-27th, 2009

Ryan Steele explores the history of useful spaces through his photographs. Steele’s work reveals the expectations and inherent details of interior spaces, documenting facts and unearthing lived experiences.

Gerhard Richter at Serpentine Gallery

from serpentine gallery:

“Gerhard Richter (born Dresden, 1932) is one of the world’s greatest living artists. Since the early 1960s he has tirelessly explored the medium of painting at a time when many were heralding its death. He has produced a remarkably varied body of work, including photography-based portrait, landscape and still-life paintings; gestural and monochrome abstractions; and colour chart grid paintings. This autumn, the Serpentine presents 4900 Colours, a major new work comprising bright monochrome squares randomly arranged in a grid formation to create stunning sheets of kaleidoscopic colour.

4900 Colours comprises 196 square panels of 25 coloured squares that can be reconfigured in a number of variations, from one large-scale piece to multiple, smaller paintings. Richter has developed a new version especially for the Serpentine Gallery exhibition: 4900 Colours: Version II, formed of 49 paintings of 100 squares.

4900 Colours is in the context of Richter’s design for the south transept window of Cologne Cathedral, which replaced the stained glass that was destroyed in World War II. Cathedral Window, unveiled in August 2007, comprises 11,500 hand-blown squares of glass in 72 colours that are derived from the palette of the original medieval glazing.”