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Cleaning the Studio

We are all moved in to beautiful, quiet Cleveland, TN. I have been busy this past week cleaning the studios. Below are pics of the studio, ceramics area, office, and my soon to be studio. 30 years of dust has wreaked havoc on my allergies. But there have been some interesting finds such as a projector that could double as a lighthouse, a record on Michelangelo, old films, and thousands of slides. Oh, and some asbestos panels and 4 black widow spiders.

New Job, New Place

Audra-Kelly, Maegan and I have had a productive week in the mountains
of Tennessee. A month ago I was offered and accepted a Tenure Track
Art Instructor position at Cleveland State Comunity College in
Cleveland, TN. We came up to find AK a job, an apartment and daycare
and managed to find all three. AK has received two job offers and our
new home is at the very top of a mountain with an incredible view. You
know on the back of the box of pancakes where it has the other recipe
for high altitudes, thats for us. I will be teaching all, yes all of
the art courses, from drawing and design to painting and ceramics as
well as managing the gallery. My plate is officially full.