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Bank Ties

Today I started working on a series of ties for bailed out banks.  I’ve been intrigued by images of corporations, specifically CEO’s.  An image I found recently showed the top three bailed out bank executives walking alongside each other.  Each of their ties were remarkably similar, having a strong diagonal pattern.  I also started to notice images of ties with tiny American flag pins on the breast pocket.  Pulling up logos from various corporate entities, I found a recurring pattern; the color and overall design of their logos are uniquely patriotic.  The Bank of America logo is very close in design to the US flag while other designs such as the JP Morgan Chase logo have a distinctive “trust us” appeal.

I also came across this website which discusses “The Power and Meaning Behind Bank Logos”

I used the JP Morgan Chase logo to create a repetitive pattern that I then transferred to a blank, white tie.  The results were pretty good, but I am now looking to having them printed by the yard.