Super Powers, Days 1-3, The Chamber

This work involves my ongoing interest in the power and fallibility of memory. When I was a kid, like most other kids, I believed I had the ability to fly, hold my breath for a really long time, run really fast and a multitude of other super power abilities. I believe these things were real, but over time we have suppressed these abilities in order to fit in with society.

Since super powers, as reported in comic books and the movies, tend to be somewhat magnetic, I thought that maybe these powers could have been stored on old VHS tapes. VHS tape uses magnetic tape to store images.

I built a condensing chamber, lined on the inside with a reflective aluminum sheet and on the outside with a protective barrier of foam. I called my dad and asked him to mail me any old video tape from my childhood. I ended up with three tapes, which I did not watch before “experiencing” them through the chamber. 3 satellite dishes were connected to 3 VCR’s. The VCR’s were set so that while one was being automatically rewound, the other 2 videos would continue to play. The satellite dishes were attached to the VCR’s through coax cable and pointed directly at the chamber, therefore beaming the magnetic radiation directly into me. This experience was documented with over 48 hours of videotape.

I spent an entire 3 days in the chamber, taking with me all the essentials, such as food, water, and toiletries. After 3 days I emerged and had an uneventful drive home. I have started documenting everyday since then, and anything that develops will be posted immediately.