Drawings, Ties, and Vaults

Over the past couple of months I have continued to work on the bank vault along with some other projects.  The vault is coming along nicely and is in the Bondo (patching) phase.  All the cracks and holes need to be patched before final assembly and paint.  Because Bondo must be used outside, the cold weather has slowed down the process.  All the pieces have gone through at least one patch and sand and most are on their second coat.  I hope to get everything assembled for final patch in the next 2 weeks.  It’s a slow process to make sure all the pieces fit just right.

To get through the cold weather I have started a series of drawings made from wood.  Originally I intended to make silk screen prints, but after playing around with scrap balsa wood, I like the results.  I am building 18″ by 24″ wooden outlines of major vault and bank intersections.  The one in the image maps the location of Ft. Knox (the gold vault, not the military base).

In addition to these I am also working on several tie paintings.  Neckties.  I’ve been doing research on the logos for the top banks involved with government bailouts (http://money.cnn.com/news/specials/storysupplement/bankbailout/).  Most of the logos used by these entities are red, white and blue and embody patriotism.  I started noticing that most of the logos could be duplicated into patterns.  After playing around with the JP Morgan Chase and Company and Bank of America logos, the repeated logos resembled fabric.  Doing some more research on neckties I rediscovered that political figures often where an American flag pin on their left breast pocket to signify their patriotism and their ties to the country.  I am working on incorporating these corporate bank ties with the American flag pins but not sure of the approach I want to use.  The images below were made from ink jet transfers.













































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